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  1. "Southwest Heritage CU" - Odessa, TX || Real Customer Review!

    Travis Pool sent us his review May 17, 2016. Visited address: 930 W University Blvd, Odessa, TX 79764, USA
  1. Website NEWs -

    Articles (with Infographics) and useful Advices about Loans & Payday Loans & Cash advance. All what you should know about credits.
  1. "Magnolia Mortgage Company" - Mobile, AL || Real Customer ...

    I did a quick look online and found mixed reviews about Magnolia Mortgage Company, so I was a bit hesitant, but the realtor convinced me to give it a try. As a precaution, I also applied to several other banks and lenders, mostly major ones.
  1. "OneMain Financial" - Jackson, MS || Real Customer Review!

    In the end, I decided to go straight to the Jackson branch of OneMain Financial. My reasoning behind this was that at least in person I could ask any questions straight away without wasting precious time. Also, I was a little worried about my credit score which also made me want to find out as quickly as possible if I would be able to get a loan.
  1. "Burke & Herbert Bank" - Alexandria, VA || Real Customer ...

    Allison Rosania sent us her review April 20, 2017. Visited address: 306 E Monroe Ave, Alexandria, VA 22301, USA
  1. 24Biz-Blog – Money, loans, finances…

    The nature of payday loans drives the demographic that uses them, and what they use them for. Since payday loans are a quick, easy way for people who don’t have credit cards, or who have bad credit and find it difficult to borrow money from banks, they are often used by low-income people who need…
  1. "Florida Home Funding" - Orlando, FL || Real Customer Review!

    A realtor friend suggested the Florida Home Funding, and that is how I stumbled upon them. When I looked up their reviews, I was a bit skeptical because all of them were good reviews, and I suspected the reviews were manufactured to be good.
  1. "AMSCOT - The Money Superstore" - Orlando, FL || Real ...

    "I have used the service of Amscot for a while, the branch at East Colonial Drive is located near where I live at, and I used their check cashing service a lot.
  1. "OneMain Financial" - Olathe, KS || Real Customer Review!

    "I have kind of a mixed experience with OneMain Financial, the branch in question was the one in Santa Fe Square, Olathe. I was in need of an unsecured loan back a few months ago, and I found LendingTree while browsing online for my options.
  1. "KeyPoint Credit Union" - Santa Clara, CA || Real Customer ...

    "I joined the Keypoint Credit Union a few years back because of recommendation from a friend. Another reason for choosing them was that the branch location is only several minutes driving from where I live, so it's a convenience.
  1. "The Unbank" - Minneapolis, MN || Real Customer Review!

    812 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55407, USA "I had an overall good experience with Unbank, as I used almost all their services from cashing checks to paying my bills. Their branch at E Lake Street Minneapolis very close to my place so is always my first choice for my financial needs.
  1. Crazy actions (5 histories) in the life of some rich ...

    People say, money is the root of evil, and though that saying have some weight to it, money is also be termed as the root of most craziness in this world.
  1. The average Transportation costs in some Countries - 24Biz.Biz

    USA New York subway. Directions - 1.5 euros. New York underground transport system - one of the most advanced systems in the world. When it opened in October 1904, the system consisted of 28 stations.
  1. "UMB Bank" - Topeka, KS || Real Customer Review!

    5923 SW 29th St, Topeka, KS 66614, USA "My mother used UMB bank for almost her whole adult life. As for me, I have been a customer for this bank for a relatively short period of time. To be honest, not even once at that time that I feel that UMB bank was a good bank. In the end, I also helped my mother to close her account from this bank, after ...
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