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holidays to fly the american flag

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  1. Flag Holidays - The American Flag Foundation

    Flag Holidays When To Fly The Flag of the United States of America The Flag Code suggests displaying the Flag every day, but especially on holidays, including state holidays and during local celebrations. The Flag should be displayed every day, but especially on:
  1. Flag Flying Holidays - Eder Flag

    The American Flag can be displayed proudly every day of the year. It's especially fitting to fly the flag on the following holidays. Select a holiday to find out more about it.
  1. Flag Flying Days (U.S.) - CRW Flags

    Calendar. On the days specified, Army posts fly the garrison flag, measuring 20 by 38 feet (6.1 by 11.6 meters) in lieu of the usual post flag (8.95 by 17 feet, or 2.7 by 5.2 meters). This has been the approximate size of the garrison flag since at least 1834, when the Regulations of the U.S.
  1. The American Flag | USAGov

    Fly the American Flag at Half-Staff. While you can follow how the executive branch flies the flag, it is not a requirement. For instance, a local community, a company, a school district, or a federal agency can decide to have all of their flags at half-staff because of the death of an employee, a student, a mayor, or a local police officer.
  1. How to Store the American Flag Between Holidays | Public ...

    How to Store the American Flag Between Holidays. There is protocol that dictates how to store the American flag between national holidays. At American Legion Post 291 in Newport Beach, 14 veterans – ages 42 to 84 – from nearly every military branch recently gathered seaside to practice their voluntary honor guard duties, and to share the importance of proper flag storage.
  1. Flag Day: How to Display the Flag | Holidappy

    One positive result of recent history has been an increased interest in displaying the American Flag on patriotic holidays, or even all year round. As with all countries, the flag of the United States of America is held in great honor, and there are many traditions to displaying it properly. › Holidays
  1. When to Fly Your American Flag in 2016: A Complete List ...

    When to Fly Your American Flag in 2016: A Complete List. For example, on Patriot Day, Memorial Day, Peace Officer’s Memorial Day, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, the President of the United States has declared all flags be flown at half-staff. Most recently, on December 7, 2016, President Barack Obama declared all flags be flown at half-staff honoring...
  1. Flag Holidays - Flags USA

    Flags USA offers American made American Flags, Military Flags, State Flags, Custom Flags! Browse online now! ... Flag Holidays. The flag should be displayed from sunrise to sunset on all days, but especially on the following national and state holidays: Flag Holidays; Holiday